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Diamond Pulley Lagging
Rubber lagging is applied to pulley shells in order to improve the friction between the pulley and the belt.
Conveyor drive pulleys are often supplied with diamond grooved lagging as indicated in the adjacent sketch.
'Diamond grooved lagging' refers to the pattern in the lagging and this pattern, like with vehicle tyres, enhances the grip or friction even if the belt surface is dirty.
Diamond Pulley Lagging has CN-bonding layer, to ensure higher bonding strength to pulley surface.
•Bi-directional pulley rotation
•Sheds water from belt
•Reversing drive pulley capable
•Reduce spare pulley inventory
•Wear resistant
•Long work life
•High friction coefficient
•Thickness: 8mm - 20mm, Width: 200mm - 2000mmPulley Lagging suppliers
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